About Us

 A Story of Beautiful Skin

PureSkin was Founded To Help you Look and Live your Best Naturally

We are a family and entirely women's owned beauty company based in the US dedicated to creating purely natural non invasive science backed skin and hair care products. Kate, the  founder spent the last 25 years traveling the world looking for innovative and natural skin care remedies. Our products are designed by Dermatologists and Beauty Experts to bring the best natural beauty products to you.  The CEO and her daughter want to bring that wealth of knowledge to you and offer the finest natural curated beauty products they can find under the PureSkin brand. 

Why You Should Choose PureSkin

We pride ourselves on providing innovative Silicone Anti Wrinkles Chest Pads. PureSkin creates only the best natural beauty products which are suitable for all skin types. Sick of spending money on expensive wrinkle creams that dont work? Break the habit today. Have a wrinkle free chest in no time with our Anti Wrinkle Chest Pads. We enjoy revealing our clients’ inner beauty, which leaves them feeling and looking gorgeous. 

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