How to Erase and Reduce Chest and Décolleté Wrinkles


There is lots of attention paid to eye & forehead wrinkles, however what can you do about problematic Chest & Décolleté wrinkles? A line free face with wrinkly, uneven décolletage is a big give away of your true age...

How do Chest & Décolleté Wrinkles start?

Sun Exposure is one of the main causes. Years of too much sun can cause a lot of damage to Décolleté area. Drastic changes in weight over time, and some medications can cause wrinkles in cleavage area. Side sleeping is also a big cause as deep wrinkles on Décolleté area can form while sleeping. Finally, around midlife, some women experience hormonal changes that make skin a bit thinner in this area and more prone to wrinkles and sun damage.

Unfortunately, this makes some women less confident and decreases self-assurance to the point you will choose another outfit to hide your cleavage area.  A big party or wedding is coming up and you see the perfect outfit but pause as it exposes to much of décolleté area so many women will pick a outfit to cover up this area instead. Many women also end up avoiding V-neck or scoop neck tanks & tops & Bathing suits because they feel self-conscious about chest wrinkles or sun damage, it’s a shame as this is a very flattering area to show for women of all body types & shapes.

How can you get rid of Chest & Décolleté Wrinkles?

There are quite a few options on the market and DIY ones.  Chest masks(DIY or store bought), Retin A & Vitamin C lotions( we caution use of these on Décolleté area due to thinness of skin in this region unless it’s a very low dose) and Expensive moisturizers,  a good healthy diet and drinking lots of water can all help in smoothing out Chest Wrinkles, but we find they are not 100% restorative and results vary widely.

A visit to Dermatologist can give you expensive options some unwanted temporary side effect -like  Laser treatments, Micro Needling , Botox and Derma Rolling.  Many of these options require multiple treatments, visits and payments. They also require some down time, example lasers burn away imperfections leaving the skin red & puffy with a need to cover up cleavage area and stay out of sun sometimes for months.

How about an easier and less expensive method where you can obtain almost immediately results and even more dramatic results over time? If your answer is yes. Then I believe Silicone Chest Wrinkle Pads are the solution for you.

What are Silicone Chest Wrinkle Pads?

Silicone Pads are a Surgeon and Dermatologist approved treatment to minimize wrinkle and scars. Medical Grade Silicone pads are commonly used to reduce scars. Dermatologist’s noticed how effective these Silicone Pads were at reducing scar formation, and they started using them on wrinkles. Silicone Chest & Neck wrinkle pads have been a favorite with celebrities who want to look their best in low cut clothing in fashion shoots. Influencers & Celebrities & Models use these 100% medical Grade Silicone Chest Pads to make décolleté glow - appearing hydrated and younger while reducing and eliminating chest & décolleté wrinkles. There are many types of pads on the market. PureSkin is one of the most popular ones.

Interesting but How do they actually work?

You put on chest pads before you go to bed on a clean & dry chest area with no moisturizers. The silicone pads increase collagen production and hydration to plump up wrinkles and imperfections in Chest/Décolleté area, while you sleep! When you take off in the morning your chest area will be noticeably smoother with a reduction in wrinkles. The more you use the pads the better results.

Here's a few tips for a smoother & glowing Chest & Décolleté area.

H2O- Its imperative to stay super hyper hydrated for a smooth and glowing Décolleté.  Try sleeping on your back more as this will help reduce wrinkles on your face, neck and chest. Finally always, wear a high quality moisturizer and stay out of sun as much as possible. These will improve your results with using Silicone Chest Wrinkle Pads as well.

Try Chest Wrinkle Pads and let us know what you think. We think you will be pleased you added them to your beauty routine. You can find PureSkin Chest Wrinkle here on Amazon along with many other varieties of Chest wrinkle pads



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  • Fantastic product ! My chest is fine but my forehead, between the eyes and around the mouth could use some help. Would you consider making a product for these areas ?

    Pamela Rose

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